We are inspired by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and recognize that to truly address some of the complex challenges they aim to overcome, we must make systems-level change. Doing so requires pulling in partners with a range of perspectives and experience, examining the complicated roots of these issues, and accounting for the varied consequences of our actions. The foundation paves the way for such change by supporting innovative grantees and investees as they launch and experiment with new solutions, helping them build a track record that can attract more capital from a broader range of donors and investors.

The foundation’s nimble nature allows it to take big leaps and fill in crucial gaps. It does so through grants and impact investments.  



We empower our grantee partners to make decisions in response to on-the-ground circumstances and we rely on their expertise to develop and shift tactics that will help them achieve their goals. Along with programmatic and capacity building support, when needed the foundation provides operating support, which grantees often sorely need but do not frequently receive from other donors. General operating support allows grantees to make decisions in the service of the communities they serve—not the donors they are accountable to. The foundation also gives grantees multi-year funding, which allows them to build capacity and expand the scope of their project work while also reducing their development and administrative burden.

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Impact Investments

Impact investments are avenues for action, allowing foundations like ours to use more of its resources in targeted, effective ways; discover areas in which there are not yet solutions; and build sturdy structures that are capable of scaling those solutions. Philanthropists who aren’t making use of all their assets, beyond grants, are missing opportunities to push forward their missions, build on the momentum of markets, and provide capital that can propel their investees in ways grants cannot. The Osprey Foundation looks for market-driven solutions can be sustained and scaled.