Improving the design of cookstoves and increasing the number of people who adopt the new technology are some of the biggest opportunities to improve health, life quality, and life expectancy in the developing world. Today, over three billion people use bio-based fuels to cook their food, and the results to both their health and the health of their environment are devastating. Over four million people die every year from household air pollution generated from cooking. What’s more, this health problem disproportionately impacts women and children, who are more likely to have an increased exposure to the pollution at home, and places additional burden on their time and productivity. The Osprey Foundation recognizes that clean cookstoves alone won’t solve this challenge. In addition, we must also invest in understanding cultural mores, consumer preferences, and economic incentives that will spur adoption of newly developed healthy innovations.


Our Partners In Action: BURN Designs

BURN Designs is a for-profit company that aims to provide clean cooking solutions to people in Sub-Saharan Africa. It manufactures its stoves locally in Kenya, and its products save its customers on average about $250 a year. Collectively, it has reached one million people, reduced fuel costs by $37 million, sick days by 54 percent, and avoided the equivalent of over 1.4 million tonnes of CO2 emissions. It also partners with local microfinance banks to ensure that its stoves are accessible to those who need them the most. The foundation has supported BURN Designs to pilot a pay-as-you-go fuel business that uses pellets made from agricultural waste and to research, develop, and design multiple new cookstoves that will reach new customers, even commercial users such as schools and restaurants.