Three billion people across the globe still cook with wood, charcoal, and other biomass fuels, and most do so over an open fire. This seriously harms the health of families and contributes to deforestation, air pollution, and climate change. Cleaner cookstoves are designed to efficiently use biomass or liquefied petroleum gas, making them safer, more affordable, and more efficient than traditional stoves.

The Osprey Foundation supports early-stage, market-based approaches that advance the wide-scale use of cleaner cooking solutions in underserved communities, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, where the vast majority of the population still uses traditional cooking methods. We believe that the market is the best way to deliver sustainable cleaner cooking solutions at a large scale, and we back a range of innovative ventures, such as business models that focus on providing fuel for cleaner cooking and improved stove designs. To succeed, these solutions must be responsive and sensitive to household and community needs and appropriate to local cultures. We also fund research and analysis that will encourage stronger uptake of cleaner cooking solutions.


Our Partners In Action: BURN Designs

Osprey has provided funding to support BURN Designs, a company that aims to provide clean cooking solutions to people in sub-Saharan Africa. BURN manufactures its stoves locally in Kenya, and its products save its customers an estimated $250 a year. BURN has reached one million people, reduced fuel costs by over $30 million, and avoided the equivalent of over 1.4 million tons of CO2 emissions. It also partners with local microfinance banks to ensure its stoves are accessible to those who need them the most. The foundation has supported BURN Designs to pilot a pay-as-you-go fuel business that uses pellets made from agricultural waste and to research, develop, and design multiple new cookstoves that will reach new customers, including commercial users such as schools and restaurants.

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This report examines the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves’ impact investments, the challenges impact investments face in the market, and the solutions that those interested in making such investments in the clean cookstoves market should consider.