Unequal opportunity and outcomes within a population very often arise from issues around social justice. In America, an expanding economic gap exacerbates social outcome differentials particularly with the urban poor but increasingly throughout the shrinking “middle class”. The foundation has chosen Baltimore as its focus region for urban solutions leading to more fulfilled lives and livelihoods. Tackling issues around education, immigration, incarceration, employment, drug dependency and racial bias are some of the areas we are looking to impact. We are very mindful of the fact that deep seeded social issues are not easy to change, that the change is hard to effectively measure and it takes much longer than hoped. Nevertheless, our relatively high appetite for risk points us to these challenges.

Internationally we have partnerships who strive for better access to health care and higher levels of governmental accountability. Both these areas are legacy from our earlier years but continue to show need and promise.


Guatemala Human Rights Commission

Open Society Institute - Baltimore